The saturation of social space by the visual has spawned in increasing interest by scholars in developing innovative methodologies within the context of rapid technological change. While visual research is methodologically and theoretically diverse – there is no single common heritage, aim, or defining system of analysis – there are a number of important strands of influence in the development of visual methodologies. The recent turn to the visual has unearthed a multiplicity of new problems, research questions and agendas which signal a shift in the importance of the visual in knowledge creation and extend far beyond the boundaries of scholarly disciplines. This conference will bring together scholars from a diversity of fields of enquiry and practice(s) to consider the trajectories of Visual Methods in 21st century knowledge creation. The conference aims to examine, explore and debate emerging issues associated with visual research methods in a critical yet supportive environment. This call for papers seeks work that will connect with recent developments in researching the visual (in its broadest sense). We encourage a wide range of participants to share their perspectives on Visual Methodologies in order to advance productive dialogue in visual studies and beyond. The conference will include (but is not limited to) paper presentations in themed sessions, poster presentations, video presentations and creative arts presentations. We also welcome proposals for pre-constituted panels.

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